Man Placed Under House Arrest in Stranger's Home

Legal defense organization Honenu claims another Jew put in administrative detention only minutes before Shabbat began.

Orly Harari ,

Israel Police
Israel Police
Zuzana Janku/Flash 90

About half an hour before Shabbat began yesterday, detectives and members of the Israel Security Agency (ISA, also known as the Shabak or Shin Bet) ordered a Jewish man to remain under house arrest for six months.

The man, who is in his 20s, is also reportedly forbidden from contacting 12 specific people.

The order comes on top of a previous injunction that forbade the man from entering Judea and Samaria for half a year, which effectively barred him from his own parents' house in Kiryat Arba.

The legal defense organization Honenu reported on the incident and said that, although he does not reside there, he is required to spent his nights in a specific house near Bet Shemesh. The man rented the latter apartment for about two months, but left several months ago.

The man informed police that he has no way to stay in an apartment that belongs to someone else.

Honenu claims that the order was given by the IDF Central Front Commander and based on false information provided by the ISA.

The injunction was signed 12 days ago, but only presented shortly before Shabbat. An increasing number Jewish recipients of detention orders are reportedly handled in a similar manner.