Bloodstained Israeli Flag Products Now on Amazon

A trove of anti-Israel products labelled "Blood Splattered Flag of Israel' selling for between $8 and $35 on Amazon.

Cynthia Blank ,

Blood spatter shower curtain
Blood spatter shower curtain

A trove of anti-Israel products featuring a bloodstained Israeli flag are now for sale on global commerce company Amazon's website. 

Included in the "Blood Splattered Flag of Israel" series are cases for a variety of different types of cell phones, umbrellas, doormats, shower curtains, pillow cases, mouse pads and more. 

Blood spattered cell phone cover Screenshot

Channel 2's investigation into the collection revealed that Israel is the only country whose flag has been defaced and imprinted onto products to be sold on the Amazon website.

Prices for the offensive products on Amazon's global website range from eight dollars to 35 dollars. According to the website, the products cannot be shipped to Israel. 

It appears that some of the products were only recently uploaded to the site as there are no customer reviews. However, others were first put up for sale toward the end of July. 

All the products appear to feature a uniform design but their producer is unknown. 

Several outraged Israelis who noticed the products sent condemnatory comments to Amazon. 

"It's disgusting," wrote an Israeli named Amir. "I can't believe you're selling this. You'll do anything for money? Why don't you sell and umbrella with a burning US flag or an umbrella of Hitler?"

Maya, another Israel, wrote to the company: "Does it seem reasonable to you to sell such products? Why are no other products with other bloodstained flags being sold? This is hurtful and racist, I will never order from you again."