Israel Greets First Female Envoy to Arab Country

Einat Schlein, a long-time Foreign Ministry employee, presents credentials to King Abdullah of Jordan in moving ceremony.

Nitsan Keidar ,

King Abdullah of Jordan
King Abdullah of Jordan

Israel has, in its 67-year history, had quite a few ambassadors in Arab countries, but an official appointment on Monday marked the first time a woman has taken on such a position. 

In the exciting ceremony in Amman today, Einat Schlein presented her credentials to King Abdullah of Jordan. 

Schlein is a long-time employee at the Israel Foreign Ministry who has also served a division head with the Center for Political Research.

She has taken office at a time when relations between Israel and Jordan are considerably tense. 

While there is significant disagreement between the two countries on the Palestinian question as well as control of the Temple Mount, they enjoy fruitful security cooperation in the fight against Islamic extremism, particularly the ISIS terrorist group. 

According to estimates, Schlein was selected for the job because of her deep understanding of Jordanian issues, in an attempt to increase dialogue and cooperation between the two neighboring countries.