The Chutzpah of the US and EU

The continuous fight against Arab land grabs.

Walter Bingham ,

Tent or house?
Tent or house?

Israel's Supreme Court ruled that the Arab encampment in Susya is illegal and must be evacuated.  Yet the 1900 year old Jewish area of Susya in the south Hevron hills is being claimed as 'Palestinian' land, with the support of the US State Department and the interference of the European Union.  

Walter went to Susya, with Regavim's Ari Briggs, and reported about the overwhelming evidence of ancient Jewish habitation of the area and about what's happening in Susya today.

And: Why Walter is almost losing his cool about certain aspects of life in Israel.

Also: What President Rivlin told the assembled Foreign Ambassadors to Israel and what one of them said to Walter.

Plus: The unbecoming conduct of some congregants in Synagogues. and more.

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