IDF Runs Terror Drill in Northern Samaria

Complex shooting incident staged to train soldiers to know what to do in 'lone wolf' attacks. Commander: we need constant vigilance.

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Ido Ben-Porat ,

IDF during terror drill
IDF during terror drill
IDF Spokesperson's Office

The Judea-Samaria Unit's Menashe Brigade simulated a shooting attack on civilians on Monday, in a special exercise on the road leading to the Jewish community of Mevo Dotan in northern Samaria (Shomron). 

"The fighters are in a state of constant vigilance - vigilance that we must preserve," says Menashe deputy brigade commander, Colonel Kfir Edri. "For this exercise we imagined a complicated terror attack, comprised of a shooting attack and terrorists infiltrating a nearby building. The soldiers entered the house and neutralized the terrorist threat." 

The exercise is the latest in a series of measures to boost the IDF against "lone wolf" attacks in Judea-Samaria, which in itself has seen an upswing in terror recently. 

"There is a great responsibility that rests on the shoulders of tactical units on the ground," Edri said. "Constant practice and preservation of operational vigilance is necessary to create an understanding of the task among the fighters in the battalion and to ensure they know what to do in the moment of truth." 

"The IDF is prepared for any scenario, and residents can be assured that we make every effort to keep them safe."