Humiliated IDF Soldiers is 'Intolerable Reality'

In wake of Nabi Salah scandal, chair of local security council blames IDF policy for abandoning, demoralizing soldiers during riots.

Uzi Baruch ,

Soldier beaten by Palestinian women
Soldier beaten by Palestinian women
Flash 90

Avi Naim, head of the Beit Aryeh Regional Council and chairman of the local regional security committee, railed on Sunday against the shameful video depicting an IDF soldier being beaten by Arab women and children in the village of Nabi Salah on Friday. 

"The humiliated soldier who was filmed on Friday is a victim of the policy [of containment] adopted by the army under the guidance of the political leadership in recent years," Naim charged.

"On Fridays, hundreds of Arab rioters accompanied by Israeli anarchists throw stones, curse and humiliate IDF soldiers," Naim continued. "This is an intolerable reality that harms both soldiers and Israel's image."

Naim called on the government to issue a strong response and "destroy the circus" of Friday protests in various hostile Arab villages in Judea and Samaria. 

Nabi Salah, in particular, is an extreme Arab village, which also hosts large number of far-left foreign activists. Arab and foreign "activists" regularly stage provocations and violent riots there targeting both nearby Jewish villagers and IDF forces.

"The soldiers have become statistics for 'the best show in the city,'" Naim asserted. "They stand there humiliated with no real ability to act and being photographed on all sides for films to later be distributed worldwide as part of Palestinian propaganda." 

"The sites [of the protests] must be declared a closed military zone, and police forces should stand at the forefront and take harsh and collective punishment against the Arab rioters and mobs who approach them."

"IDF soldiers do not need to be there; it is the job of police and Border Police," Naim argued. 

"If military leaders or politicians decide to send IDF troops, then they should be allowed to act firmly and stop the provocations and disturbances which have been taking place there every Friday for years."