Muslims Terrorize Jewish Children on Temple Mount

Difficult to watch: footage surfaces of Muslims shouting at small children on the Mount.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Female Islamist activists regularly harass Jewish visitors
Female Islamist activists regularly harass Jewish visitors

Disturbing footage has surfaced Friday, of a band of Muslims terrifying preschool-age Jewish children on the Temple Mount. 

Veiled and masked Muslim women are seen shouting so violently at the children that the Israel Police is forced to escort them along a wall - not the main path. 

Despite regular harassment, rioting, and even assaults of non-Muslims on the Temple Mount, arrests of violent Muslim extremists are relatively rare.

In fact, Israeli authorities have submitted to the Jordanian Waqf's demands to ban all forms of non-Muslim worship on the Temple Mount - despite its status as the holiest site in Judaism - to the point of turning a blind eye to outright incitement.