Watch: Can the Torah Save Your Relationship?

Special conference held in Jerusalem on psychology and Torah, exploring how relationships can be improved.

Eliran Aharon ,

Torat Hanefesh
Torat Hanefesh
Eliran Aharon

Torat Hanefesh, the School of Jewish Psychology, held a special conference in English in Jerusalem on Thursday about relationships, and Arutz Sheva was on hand to talk with members of the program and see what insights the 100 or so participants walked away with.

Speaking about the parental relationship, Rabbi Moshe Genuth, director of Torat Hanefesh's English program in Jerusalem, said, "our task as parents has three focal points, corresponding to the intellectual, emotional, and habitual aspects of our psyche.

Also speaking at the event were Rabbi Nir Menussi, who spoke about the ideal development of love between spouses, and Rabbi Ephraim Ehrenberg who spoke with humor about the serious topic of improving our relationship with G-d.

Torat Hanefesh offers a full 3-year-long English program held in Jerusalem or online, as well as Hebrew programs in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Rehovot and Haifa. The program focuses on psychology based on Torah teachings, and the school has been operating for nine years.

Asked about his school's success, Rabbi Genuth noted, "Tzadikim (the righteous) and our sages have taught us that there is always hope, and that change is always possible, when an individual has trust in G-d and connects with his or her higher self. We translate this principle into a method that can be understood by everyone."

He added that Torat Hanefesh will hold more events leading up to the Jewish New Year and High Holy Days.

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