Israeli Stars Flock to Mariah Carey Concert

Pop diva Mariah Carey performed to 12,000 fans on Tuesday night, including Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's wife, Sara.

Cynthia Blank ,

Mariah Carey at the Prime Minister's Residence
Mariah Carey at the Prime Minister's Residence

American pop diva Mariah Carey performed her first-ever concert in Israel on Tuesday night to a sold-out crowd, which included dozens of Israeli stars and entertainers. 

Among them were pop singers Shiri Maimon and Maya Bouskilla, child star Yuval Hamibulbal (trans. Yuval, the Confused), 1998 Miss World pageant winner Linor Abargil and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's wife, Sara. 

Carey became close to Israel's first couple during a visit to the Jewish state in June with her boyfriend, Australian entrepreneur James Packer. 

The pair were hosted by the Prime Minister, along with his wife Sara, for a "warm and familial" dinner at the Prime Minister's Residence in Jerusalem.

The pop diva apparently hit it off with the prime minister's formidable wife, expressing her admiration at the latter's continued work as a child psychologist, alongside her various responsibilities as Israel's "first lady."

Carey, who has sold over 200 millions albums worldwide, sang her biggest hits to a crowd of 12,000 fans at the Live Park Amphitheater in Rishon Lezion. 

Speaking to the media at a press conference in Herzliya on Monday, Carey expressed excitement to finally be performing for her audience in Israel and to "return the love after all of these years."

When asked if pro-Palestinian groups waging a boycott against Israel has pressured her not to come, Carey responded that "nobody tried to pressure me, I did hear about it but I do what I want to do."

"I've always wanted to come here. I don't care what other people's political agendas are. I'm just an entertainer and I'm here. I'm happy to be here and I'm honored to be here," the singer said.