'Quick and Determined' Officer Recounts Stabbing

Border Patrol commander praises fighters who eliminated terrorist during stabbing attack at Tapuach Junction Monday.

Yishai Karov ,

Stabbing at Tapuach Junction
Stabbing at Tapuach Junction
Police Spokesperson

Border Patrol officer D., who eliminated the terrorist attempting a stabbing attack near Tapuach on Monday, recounted the experience. 

The incident began when a Palestinian arrived at Tapuach Junction and approached Border Patrol fighters manning the checkpoint, claiming he was not feeling well. 

The fighters ordered the Palestinian to approach, and when he came close, he pulled out a knife and tried to stab one of them. 

One fighter was lightly injured in the attack but managed to repel the terrorist. D., a member of his unit, then cocked his weapon and shot the terrorist, neutralizing him.

"We were ready and prepared. This is precisely the reason the incident concluded like this. It was a matter of a few seconds so vigilance and operational readiness are the only answer to deal with these attacks," D. recounted. 

This latest incident follows two separate stabbings by terrorists on Saturday, in those cases also targeting security forces.

The second of those incidents occurred close to the site of Monday's attack, when a terrorist stabbed a Border Patrol officer, wounding him in the back. Police quickly opened fire and killed the terrorist.

Border Patrol Commander, Maj. Gen. Amos Yaakov, praised the fighters for their quick response to Monday's attack. 

"Nearly 48 hours have passed since the first stabbing attack, when a Border Patrol fighter neutralized a terrorist who tried to stab [his unit] several kilometers from here at HaBatot Junction." 

"Time after time, these fighters prove their professionalism, vigilance and determination. Within seconds, the fighters dealt with the incident and neutralized the terrorist. I came here to tell them they have acted exactly as is expected from Border Patrol officers."