3-Year-Old Killed in Chain Car Crash

Four cars collide on coastal highway killing young boy, wounding his one-year-old baby brother, mother and father.

Orli Harari ,

Scene of the crash
Scene of the crash
Yossi Goldberg/News 24

A three-year-old boy was tragically killed on Thursday afternoon in a traffic accident involving four vehicles at Hasira Junction on Israel's coastal Highway 2, which occurred for reasons that are as yet unknown.

The child was wounded together with three family members sitting in the car with him. All four were evacuated to Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv, where medical personnel had no choice but to pronounce the death of the boy.

His mother and one-year-old baby brother were classified as lightly to moderately wounded, and his father was lightly wounded in the crash.

The chain car crash led to a heavy buildup of traffic on the major coastal highway.

Police investigators arrived at the scene of the crash and launched an investigation into the accident. From their findings, it appears that all members of the family were wearing seatbelts at the time.

Earlier on Thursday Aharon Libendman (64) of Lod was killed by a passing truck after he stopped at the side of the road on Highway 4 to fix a problem with his car. The lethal accident took place near Yavne Junction.