Shaked Cool Toward Infiltration Ruling

Justice Minister does not appear very happy with High Court's instructions regarding illegal entrants.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

MK Ayelet Shaked
MK Ayelet Shaked

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked did not appear very happy with High Court's ruling Tuesday regarding illegal entrants – but she maintained her composure.

“The Supreme Court has just ruled on a fateful issue,” she wrote on Facebook.

“After more than two years and three hearings on the Law for Prevention of Infiltration, it was decided that the law would remain in place, and the appeal was rejected, with the exception of the period of detention in the open facility.

“It is important, in a proper democracy, that the division of authorities and roles between the authorities be clear,” she added.

Noting a minority opinion in the case, she wrote: “Judge Neil Handel was right in this context, when he wrote in his opinion that 'There is a kind of dialogue between the Court and the Knesset, but it is not a dialogue between partners. Each body has a separate purpose and separate powers.' He was sincere when he added that 'the dialogue between the court and the Knesset has been damaged.'

“There should not have had to be a third hearing on the issue of the Infiltration Law, and the hands of the legislature should not have been tied the way they were,” the minister added.

“That is why there is a need for legislation of a Basic Law to regulate the [division of] powers between the legislative and judicial branches.

“Israel is acting more forcefully over the last year, to resolve the issue of illegal infiltration, by increasing the rate of emigration to a third country [i.e., not the infiltrator's country of origin – ed.].

“In recent months we have witnessed the beginning of a new wave of immigration, with some of the infiltrators entering a second time, after receiving money from the state and leaving it in the past.

“They have come back to work.

“We are currently formulating a solution to the issue of the new entrants, a solution that would decrease the motivation to come here.”