'Murder of a Jew is Unacceptable'

Friends at Shira Banki's funeral describe dreams of building a family as Orthodox Rabbi Shmuel Boteach declares her murder an abomination.

Shira Nussdorf ,

Police arrest gay parade attacker Yishai Shlissel
Police arrest gay parade attacker Yishai Shlissel
Flash 90

Having served 10 years for his attack in 2005, Yishai Schlissel is released just weeks before the annual Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade and states: "What bothers me is that one of the rules of war is that you have to stick to your goal and accomplish it". 

Hear his chilling interview and the witness reports of those close to Shira Banki. 

Orthodox Rabbis Shmuley Boteach and Dr. Rafi Shuchat claim the circumstances surrounding her death to be a far greater abomination than the sin she was accused of.

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