Israel Reaches New Electricity Record

Just 800 MW left in reserves as Israelis battle 100F temperatures.

Tova Dvorin ,

IEC workers fixing electrical outages
IEC workers fixing electrical outages

Israel reached a new record for electricity demand Monday, breaking the previous record set Sunday. 

On Monday, Israelis used 12,800 megawatts of electricity at approximately 2:09 pm, breaking Sunday's record of 12,525 MW. 

The record stems from an unprecedented heat wave in Israel, in which most of the country has experience temperatures reaching 100F (37C) or higher. 

Before now, the previous record for electricity use reached 11,930, during the January 2015 snowstorm. 

Concerns are high about Israel reaching a "red line" for electricity, as it nearly did in July 2012. Then, Israelis used some 11,880 MW of electricity - as the State of Israel's electricity reserves veered dangerously close to zero.

At the time, however, Israel was supplying natural gas to Egypt due to repeated pipeline explosions in the Sinai desert; today, Israel has a wealth of natural gas resources and a standing reserve of about 800MW. 

In the event Israel does near the end of its electricity reserves, the Israel Electric Company (IEC) will institute a series of rotating power outages - one hour per community, according to Walla! News

The IEC has reminded residents to set their air conditioners to 25C (77F), if possible, to reduce electricity consumption; most air conditioners use 5% more electricity for each degree above 25C.