'Jihadi John' Reportedly Flees ISIS

Infamous killer 'Jihadi John' allegedly fears he has outlasted his use for ISIS and runs away in Syria.

Matt Wanderman,

"Jihadi John" a.k.a Mohammed Emwazi is sorry - for upsetting his parents
"Jihadi John" a.k.a Mohammed Emwazi is sorry - for upsetting his parents

Notorious ISIS executioner "Jihadi John" is believed to have fled into unknown Syrian territory.

A source told the British Mirror that Jihadi John, real name Mohammed Emwazi, fears he is no longer useful to the jihadist group and that he is being hunted by UK and US special forces.

The source claims that ISIS would drop Emwazi "like a stone or worse if they feel he is no longer of any use to them," adding that "it is possible he will end up suffering the same fate as his victims."

Seeing danger from both sides, he reportedly ran away from the ISIS-controlled portion of Syria. s Reports suggest he may have joined a different jihadist group in Syria.

Emwazi is a 26-year-old British citizen who starred in a number of ISIS propaganda videos as he executed prisoners and threatened world leaders. Though he covered his face in the videos, his perfect London-accented English made him famous around the world.

Intelligence analysts managed to identify the masked killer with a British citizen who immigrated from Kuwait as a child and was reported missing in 2013.