Netanyahu: We'll Continue to Build in Jerusalem

Bibi in Tisha B'Av message: We will continue to build, defend, and ensure Jerusalem's prosperity

Matt Wanderman ,

Prime Minister Netanyahu reacts to Iran deal earlier Tuesday
Prime Minister Netanyahu reacts to Iran deal earlier Tuesday
Credit: Mark Israel Sellem/Flash 90

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wrote about Tisha B'Av on his Facebook profile today (Saturday), saying emphasizing that Jerusalem will remain united and part of Israel.

"This evening we commemorate the fast of Tisha B'Av, in which the Jewish people remembers the tragedy that befell us when the Temple was destroyed, Jerusalem was destroyed, and the land of Israel was destroyed. What was destroyed due to baseless hatred, will be built from pure love - from unity and cohesion in the face of the great challenges that stand before our people," he wrote.

Prime Minister Netanyahu added, "On this evening of remembrance we welcome our return to Jerusalem, our capital, after two thousand years of longing. We will continue to build it, defend it, and ensure its prosperity. United Jerusalem will remain under the authority of Israel forever."