Beware: False 'IDF Home Front' Whatsapp Messages

The IDF Home Front says Whatsapp messages telling citizens to replace gas masks are fake.

Arutz Sheva staff ,

WhatsApp and Facebook (illustration)
WhatsApp and Facebook (illustration)

The IDF's Home Front Command has issued a message to citizens warning them that messages issued in the Home Front Command's name through the Whatsapp social media application are fake.

In recent days, the Home Front Command has received many inquiries from citizens who wished to ask where they could change their gas masks and why they had to replace them.

It turned out these citizens had received fake Whatsapp messages informing them that the Home Front Command is replacing old gas mask kits with new ones, and telling them to head for the allocation centers to switch their kits.

The Home Front Command clarified that real messages from the Command are published in official IDF channels, including the IDF website and the Home Front Command's Facebook page.

Similar fake Whatsapp messages were sent out to citizens countrywide six years ago. To this day, the perpetrator behind them has not been identified.