From USA to Israel - A Farewell of Tears and Pride

23-year-old Adam Wachs chose to leave behind the good life in Philadelphia and move to Israel. His father: "We couldn't be more proud."

Yoni Kempinski ,

Adam Wachs
Adam Wachs
Shahar Azran

Arutz Sheva continues its series of interviews with some of the 221 olim who arrived in Israel on a Nefesh B’Nefesh flight this week.

This time we speak to Adam Wachs from Philadelphia who was on the flight. Wachs, 23, recently graduated from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and, now that he is an Israeli citizen, he plans to serve in the IDF.

Before the flight, Arutz Sheva caught up with Wachs’ parents, Michael and Lisa, who described the moment of seeing their son leave for Israel as “bittersweet”.

“We’re giving our only son to Eretz Yisrael forever, and we couldn’t be more proud,” said Michael. “My great grandparents went there to die, and our young son is going there to live. It’s very special.”

Asked why he is choosing to leave the simple life in the United States for the sometimes complicated life in Israel, Adam replied, “I think there’s so much potential [in Israel]. You realize it’s hard there but the good that there is there is going to be a lot better and you should give those opportunities a chance.”

“I plan on joining the army in November, and until then I hope to be working part-time in Tel Aviv and studying at yeshiva when I’m not working,” he said.