'They Want to Prevent Another Tragedy'

Attorney Haim Meir who is representing the Gross family explains reason for its negligence lawsuit.

Hezki Baruch ,

Avigail and Yael Gross, z"l
Avigail and Yael Gross, z"l
Courtesy of the Gross family

Arutz Sheva spoke with Attorney Haim Meir, who is representing the Gross family - which in January 2014 tragically lost its two infant daughters, Yael (2) and Avigail (4), to poisoning caused by a pest control professional.

Last week the family launched a lawsuit worth 11.6 million shekels (over $3 million) against the exterminator, the company that provided the pesticide, the clinic and doctor that initially treated the girls and sent them home undiagnosed, and several governmental ministries under whose responsibility handling the lethal poison falls.

The subject of pest control is not being handled as it should in Israel, Attorney Meir explained.

“People can buy dangerous products without any documentation. The family went to get medical treatment and received a very low level of treatment. They were sent home instead of being immediately sent to hospital, and that cost them their daughters,” he said.

The Gross family wants to “prevent the possibility that such a thing could happen again to any of our families,” added Meir.