Chance of Blocking Deal Slim, Says Ex-Deputy FM

Danny Ayalon notes that Chinese, Russians and Europeans are already standing in line to do business with Iran.

Nitsan Keidar,

Danny Ayalon
Danny Ayalon
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Ex-deputy foreign minister Danny Ayalon told Arutz Sheva Wednesday morning that Israelis should not pin their hopes on Congress stopping the approval of the deal reached with Iran.

Ayalon said that it is not clear whether opponents of the deal will be able to muster the 67-seat majority required in the Senate for overriding a presidential veto on a resolution to disapprove of the Iran deal.

But even if the deal is struck down, he argued, all that would happen is that US sanctions on Iran would remain in place. Meanwhile, according to Ayalon, “the rest of the world” will already be rushing to do business with Iran.

"A rush [to Iran] by the Europeans, Chinese and Russians is now beginning,” he lamented.

Ayalon advised Israel to look forward with a sober approach: “We need to determine and receive an American compensation package that would meaningfully increase both Israel's defensive capabilities, and its deterrent capabilities,” the former diplomat explained.

In addition, “Quiet moves need to be started, here in the region. After all, the agreement is not just disliked by Israel, but also by the Sunni states – Egypt, Jordan, and the Gulf states, headed by Saudi Arabia. There is a merger of interests between these countries and Israel, and maybe covert cooperation can be built that would be a counterweight to the Iranians.”

As for relations with the Obama administration – Ayalon counseled against confrontation. “There is no point in attacking the Americans today. The efforts vis-a-vis the US to prevent a deal, were made, and they failed. The relations have been damaged, especially following the latest moves, but the connection needs to be renewed quickly, and of course, we need to demand and receive compensation.”

This, too, needs to be handled with care, he added. "I imagine that Netanyahu will soon come to the White House, but the situation will not be simple,” he said. “This president not only has a very clear ideology – and a very mistaken ne, in my view – he can also behave in an unexpected way and link the compensation package with concessions to the Palestinians. This linkage must not be allowed to forrm.”