Teachers Livid Over Union Signing Boycott Document

Furious WhatsApp debate over Teachers' Union support of document blaming 'settlements' results in threats of legal action.

Uzi Baruch , | updated: 14:18

Classroom (illustrative)
Classroom (illustrative)
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Reports that the Israel Teachers' Union signed an anti-Israel document at a World Teachers' Association (WTA) convention has instantly created controversy, Arutz Sheva has learned Friday, with several teachers aghast at the news.

Many teachers have announced in a WhatsApp group conversation that they intend to fight the Teachers' Union over the issue. During the heated debate between dozens of participants, one teacher - apparently a representative of the Union - even vowed to begin legal proceedings against one of the protesters.

"I am not scared of disciplinary proceedings and you never scared me," the teacher responded. "How dare you lend a hand to a national crime?"

"Do you like to scare teachers?" she continued. "Is this a way to control their ideology?"

"For me today, I have divorced myself from the Teachers Union, and I call on all religious teachers to separate from the body immediately and move against this terrible organization. We do not need you."

The representative, who asked that her name be kept anonymous, stated that the matter is being taken care of.

Earlier Friday, Channel 10 reported that the Israel Teachers' Union signed a document drawn up stating that "the continued Israeli occupation of the West Bank, the existence of illegal Israeli settlements there and their impact on the lives of Palestinians, including access to water along with the blockade of Gaza, has imposed severe restrictions on economic and social development in Palestine."

The Union responded that the move was "necessary" to prevent a boycott of the Israel Teachers' Union as a whole from the WTA.