Gov't Shuts Down PA's Incitement TV Channel

Palestine '48 broadcast to Israeli Arabs and was completely under the control of the Palestinian Authority.

Reut Hadar ,

Min. Gilad Erdan
Min. Gilad Erdan
Alex Kolomoisky, Flash 90

Minister of Internal Security, Gilad Erdan, signed an order Thursday banning all activity by the “Palestine '48” broadcast channel within Israeli territory.

The minister issued the order after he was appraised that the channel is under the complete sponsorship of the Palestinian Authority, yet operates inside the state of Israel without written consent, as required by the Oslo accord of 1994.

The order is valid for six months.

"I will not allow any damage to the sovereignty of the state of Israel, or let the Palestinian Authority establish a foothold inside the state's territory,” Erdan clarified.

The channel, which is a part of the PA television channel, has received services from a production firm in northern Israel, and its broadcasts are received via satellite dishes.