Paintball Attacks Targeting Jews in Brooklyn

NYPD searching for culprits in recent string of attacks with a paintball gun targeting religious Jews in Brooklyn.

Cynthia Blank ,


The New York Police Department (NYPD) are actively searching for culprits in a string of recent attacks targeting the Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn, CBS2 News reported. 

The attackers are suspected of firing paintball pellets at Jewish business as well as Jews on the street. 

The most recent attacks took place last Monday, when the Bondo 24 kosher grocery was struck, splattering the supermarket with green paint and denting its awning. 

Seven blocks away, Chaim Klein, 62, was also attacked and hit with a paintball. 

Similar incidents several months ago, in which religious Jews in the area were also targeted with a paintball gun, have led police to believe the attacks are linked and likely constitute hate crimes. 

In March, two teenage boys walking home from synagogue with their grandfather in Williamsburg were hit by paintballs

Days before two additional Jewish men were attacked with paintballs while walking in the same neighborhood. 

“It’s unfortunate – this, in 2015, this is still happening,” Brooklyn community leader Rabbi Moshe Indig said of the recent incidents.

According to recently released NYPD statistics, as reported by the New York Post, hate crimes have spiked in New York City in 2015, particularly against Jews.