Radical Sheikh Worried ISIS Will Beat Hamas

Inciting Islamist Sheikh Ra'ed Salah has found a new worry, and target – ISIS, which has threatened to unseat Hamas and take over Gaza.

Yaakov Levi ,

Sheikh Raed Salah
Sheikh Raed Salah
Flash 90

Serial Islamist troublemaker Sheikh Ra'ed Salah has made a career of condemning Israel and encouraging Muslim jihad against it, but now he has found a new worry, and target – ISIS, which has threatened to unseat Hamas and take over Gaza. ISIS, said Salah, is “a roadblock in the Islamist agenda,” and he demanded that they stop threatening Hamas.

Last week, ISIS Islamists issued video messages threatening Hamas, along with Fatah and Israel. In one video, an ISIS member is seen saying that the organization will ensure that “the rule of Sharia (Islamic law) is implemented in Gaza, in spite of [Hamas]. We swear that what is happening in the Levant today, and in particular the Yarmouk camp, will happen in Gaza," he said, referring to ISIS advances in Syria, including the Damascus district inhabited by “Palestinian refugees.”

This not the first time that ISIS has threatened Hamas. In May, after Hamas demolished a mosque used by members of an ISIS-affiliated Salafist organization, ISIS called Hamas "worse than the Jewish and American occupiers" and gave it 72 hours to release its detained members.

In an interview with a Turkish newspaper, Salah, head of the radical Islamic Movement in Israel, sent out threats of his own. If ISIS member enter Gaza, he said, “there will be a big fight and no one knows how it will end.” Unity among Islamist factions, like Hamas and ISIS, is the only thing that will guarantee victory over Israel. There is a need for a “wise ruler,” advised by Islamic clerics, and supported by the Islamic nations.

This will only be possible if Muslims unite, Salah said, and he is optimistic this will take place.

Just last week, Salah predicted the “end of Israel.” Israel last week issued a distancing order blocking Sheikh Raed Salah from visiting Jerusalem for six months.

The decision to block Salah was condemned by the sheikh, who wrote on Facebook that "the Israeli occupation views itself as an unbending force, but those who know the truth about it know that the occupation is a braggart, an idiot, valueless and born by mistake from illusions and remains mistaken in illusions."

According to Salah, "the expressions of the illusions of the occupation are revealed in the evil decision to prevent me from entering Jerusalem for six months. Who knows if the occupation will end before the period of six months ends?," posed the sheikh, voicing his hopes for the end of Israel.