'Iran Will Still be Existential Threat to Israel'

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton warns Iran's 'aggressiveness' and sponsorship of terror won't end with a nuclear agreement.

Shimon Cohen ,

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

As world powers inch closer to a final deal with Iran on its nuclear program, US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has warned that Tehran's "aggressiveness will not end" with the signing of a deal. 

Speaking at a campaign event on Saturday, Clinton asserted that even if an accord is finalized, Iran will still present a threat to the world via its nuclear program and its state sponsorship of terror. 

As early as the day after an agreement is signed, Clinton declared, Iran "will continue to destabilize governments in the region and beyond. They will continue to use their proxies like Hezbollah." 

"And they will continue to be an existential threat to Israel," the former secretary of state stressed. 

After extending the deadline by a week, a final agreement between P5+1 powers and Iran is due by Tuesday, July 7. According to reports, one of the remaining issues of dissent is supervision and the access of UN nuclear inspectors. 

Despite the disagreements, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif claimed Saturday that good progress has been made and negotiators have "never been closer to a lasting outcome."