Conference Discusses Intelligence 'In the Open'

First ever international conference on intelligence discusses issues that are common to countries around the world.

Yoni Kempinski ,

International Conference & Exhibition on Intelligence
International Conference & Exhibition on Intelligence
Yoni Kempinski

Israel Defense, together with the Israel Intelligence Commemoration Center, are proud to present the first International Conference & Exhibition on Intelligence in the Global Jihad Era and the Information Revolution, taking place this week at Glilot, the center for Israeli intelligence in Ramat Hasharon.

The conference and exhibition are held in cooperation with the Intelligence Corps of the IDF, intelligence services, Israeli police, Israeli defense industry, and academies and organizations from all over the world.

Speaking to Arutz Sheva, the chair of the conference, Ron Kitrey, explained that while intelligence is delicate topic, it is also “a professional issue” and most of the speakers at the conference “agreed that it’s time to discuss it in the open.”

“Of course, there are no items that could endanger our security, but we feel that there are common issues and challenges that all of us face in the free world - such as radical Islam and other challenges - and we decided to try to compete with that at this conference,” said Kitrey.