PM: Iran Deal to Yield 'Unlimited Arsenal'

Netanyahu blasts 'potholes' in nuclear deal ahead of June 30 deadline.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Iran's Bushehr nuclear reactor
Iran's Bushehr nuclear reactor

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned the West yet again about the looming nuclear deal with Iran on Monday, lamenting the "potholes" in talks and their consequences. 

"I am not impressed by the potholes in the nuclear talks," he began. "To my regret, what we are seeing are Iran's increasing demands, and the major powers' concessions which are also increasing, in keeping with the Iranian pressure."

"This agreement is going from a bad agreement to a worse agreement, and is becoming worse by the day," he continued. "In effect, it is paving Iran's way to being not only a major power with one or two nuclear bombs, but with an unlimited arsenal within a decade with the possibility of achieving several atomic bombs beforehand, by violating the monitoring which, in any case, is full of holes."

"Above all, in addition to this, the agreement also gives Iran many billions of dollars, apparently hundreds of billions of dollars, within a short time, which will allow it to finance its increasing aggression, first of all the murderous stranglehold it is using around the State of Israel, but also in other parts of the Middle East that are subject to its aggression, such as Yemen, Iraq and many other places," he added. 

Netanyahu predicted a dire future for the global community if such a deal is signed. 

"Therefore, there is both a conventional threat and a non-conventional threat, which in my view will heighten the nuclear arms race in the Middle East," he said. "For all of these reasons, this is a bad agreement. I appreciate the fact that there is a broad consensus within the State of Israel against this agreement."

"There are also increasing voices in the West against this agreement; they understand the significance its implementation would have on global security, theirs as well," he concluded. "But, as has been said, this debate is still taking place."

"I think it is important that Israel's voice be heard, along with that of many others."

The deadline for the Iranian nuclear deal is Tuesday.