Hundreds Visit Spring Israeli Hiker Was Murdered

One week after Danny Gonen's murder, Jewish families visited Ein Bubin in display of defiance against terror.

Eliran Aharon ,

Netanel Hadad at Ein Bubin
Netanel Hadad at Ein Bubin
Binyamin Council

Hundreds of Jews came to Ein Bubin, in the Binyamin region, on Friday, to mark a week since the murder of Danny Gonen hy”d at the location.

The activity was organized by the Binyamin Regional Council, the Talmonim-Dolev Bloc and the Lod Torah nucleus group.

Also present were Binyamin Regional Council Head Avi Roeh, Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel, MK Oren Hazan and Binyamin Regiment Commander Yisrael Shomer.

Netanel Hadad, who was with Danny Gonen when the attack took place and who was lightly wounded himself, was also on hand, and he addressed the fellow hikers. “The terrorist wanted to hurt the Jewish people, but he did not take into account that we are people of faith,” he said. “A man of faith, when you hurt his body – you wind up strengthening his spirit. Our spirit will not be broken. We are a strong nation. We will keep on hiking, and while they seek to hurt the Nation of Israel, we will only grow stronger and develop.”