Prayers Held in Mecca for Border Policeman Stabber

Leader of Jerusalem NGO calls for full sovereignty after Muslims glorify Monday's stabbing attack.

Shimon Cohen ,

Scene of stabbing attack
Scene of stabbing attack
Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Maor Tzemach, founder of the For You, Jerusalem (Hebrew: Lecha Yerushalayim) organization, called on Tuesday for sovereignty over all of Jerusalem after Sunday's stabbing attack on a border policeman. 

"The attack yesterday was not in a vacuum," Tzemach stated to Arutz Sheva. "It comes on the basis of incitement that has swelled in the Jerusalem area and peaked with this stabbing [attack]."

Tzemach noted that the first Friday of Ramadan, which began last week, was characterized by a demonstration of thousands of Muslims shouting anti-Israel slogans and bearing images of suicide bombers and Hamas flags.

"At the Damascus Gate, leading to Temple Mount there [regularly] occur riots on a large scale which are barely reported in the media," he lamented. "There is a policy of containment at these events, and this policy has not led to the halt of events but their empowerment." 

Tzemach added that, in his view, law enforcement agencies must have greater involvement in preventing the riots. 

He also noted that prayers were held for the terrorist who stabbed the Border Police immediately after the stabbing. Palestinian media covered the event, he said, and prayers for his recovery were even sent to Mecca. 

"There is a campaign empowering him as a hero who carried out a patriotic operation against the Border Policeman," he said. In light of recent events, he predicted yet another summer of terrorism in Jerusalem. 

Tzemach also spoke about his organization, which was established a few months ago; its purpose is to fill in the gap between leftist groups such as Ir Amim and right wing organizations like Lehava.

"There is nothing in between them," he noted. "No one talks about sovereignty. Law enforcement is reluctant to enter [the Jerusalem Arab neighborhood of] Shuafat even if the Arabs [living there] request it."

"We represent the heart of the people who want a united Jerusalem," he said. "Arabs also want it. They want enforcement and sovereignty even if it's hard for them to say it."