Still in the Maze, 10 Years On

Prize-winning posters depict the alienation and yearning of Gush Katif expellees.

Yoni Kempinski ,

From third place winner.
From third place winner.
Katif Center / Yoav Kahana

The Katif Center for memorializing Gush Katif has announced the winners of a poster design contest it held, to mark a decade since the Expulsion from the Gush Katif bloc in Gaza.

Matanya Daifani, from the Ashkelon Regional College, won first place – and NIS 8,000 – with a work that depicts a maze that symbolizes the expellees' ongoing search for a their place. Inside the maze hides the name Gush Katif and the date of August 15, 2005, and at its end is an orange house.

Second place – and NIS 6,000 – went to a poster by Evyatar Peled of Shenkar Academy, which is is based on a well-known work by René Magritte, called The Castle. The rock in the work has become a rock that 'disengages' from the beautiful sea of Gush Katif, and the castle on Magritte's rock was replaced with a typical Gush Katif home.

A work is by Yoav Kahana from the Tiltan Academy in Haifa came in third place and won NIS 3,000. The minimalist design depicts desert sands from which an orange colored palm tree grows.