Group of 78 'Lost Jews' from India Makes Aliyah

Bnei Menashe will be settled in the Golan Heights – where their ancestors, the Menashe tribe, lived.

Orly Harari ,

3,000th Ben Menashe oleh
3,000th Ben Menashe oleh
Shavei Israel

The Shavei Israel organization brought a group of 78 Bnei Menashe immigrants on Aliyah thursday from the northeastern Indian state of Manipur, which borders Burma and Bangladesh.

Absorption Minister Ze'ev Elkin (Likud) greeted the immigrants upon arrival.

These new olim (immigrants) will be settled in Katzrin on the Golan Heights, which was the tribal patrimony of Menashe (Manasseh) in Biblical times.

This is the first time that Shavei Israel is settling a group of Bnei Menashe on the Golan, some 2,700 years after their ancestors were exiled from the land.

The new batch of Bnei Menashe olim brings the number of these olim to 3,000.