Should A Jew Boo Lew?

Was it wrong of Jewish audience members to boo the Secretary of the US Treasury Jack Lew for defending Obama on Iran?

Rabbi Elan Adler ,

Jack Lew
Jack Lew

The Jerusalem Post's Conference in New York last week made lots of headlines, and one of the most publicized ones is a spot-on derech eretz issue. 

The Jewish and Orthodox Secretary of the Treasury in the US Jack Lew, was booed several times during his remarks, which defended the Obama administration's position on a treaty with Iran. 

The Post felt the boo-ers lacked decency and should not have booed a man who has supported Israel and Jewish causes for decades. 

Others felt that while the boo-ing was was unfair to those who paid good money to hear Mr. Lew and the other speakers, since the topic at hand was the very existence of the State of Israel being threatened by the impending "bad deal" with Iran, now is most certainly the time to boo and voice disapproval.

Rabbi Elan Adler weighs the sides, bring in some relevant thoughts and anecdotes.

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