'What ISIS is Doing Should Not be Surprising'

Author and commentator Bat Ye'or says that what ISIS is doing is in line with what was done historically by radical Muslims.

Yoni Kempinski & Eliran Aharon ,

Bat Ye'or
Bat Ye'or
Yoni Kempinski

Arutz Sheva spoke with author Bat Ye'or (lit. "daughter of the Nile"), a pseudonym for Gisèle Littman, who writes about the history of Middle Eastern Christian and Jewish dhimmis living under Islamic governments.

These days, Bat Ye’or is launching a book about her late husband, David Gerald Littman, a British human rights activist and lobbyist at the United Nations in Geneva who is best known for saving Jewish children in Morocco.

The book discusses “Operation Mural”, a clandestine effort headed by Mossad, Israel's intelligence agency, to facilitate the emigration of Jewish Moroccan children to Israel.

Asked about radical Islam as we see it these days, Bat Ye’or told Arutz Sheva, “For those who know some Islamic history, there is no surprise, because what ISIS is doing is what you read all the time in the Muslim and Arab chronicles from the 7th century till the 20th century with the genocide of the Armenians in Turkey.”

“The conduct of the war, the jihadist ideology, the way it is perpetrated against those who are considered heretic Muslims or non-Muslims, these are very familiar things in Islamic history,” she continued, adding that this is done according to the Koran and jihadist laws, “so we don’t have to be astonished that it is done like that.”