Islamist Tells How He Knows Mossad Stole His Shoe

You couldn't make this up: UK Muslim activist ridiculed for claimed 'Zionists' broke into his house to steal his shoe tells all. A must see.

Ari Soffer ,

Have you seen this shoe?
Have you seen this shoe?

After claiming he was the target of an elaborate Zionist plot to steal his shoe, British Muslim activist Asghar Bukhari faced widespread ridicule on social media and in the British press.

But, instead of backing down, Bukhari - who founded and heads the anti-Semitic Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPAC) - has kept digging. 


...and deeper...

...and deeper...

And now this:

Although undeniably hilarious, it is worth pointing out that Bukhari is often invited in as a Muslim "expert" on such mainstream news outlets as Sky News and BBC.

And that's no joke...

#MossadStoleMyShoe Screenshot/Facebook