Yesh Atid MK: Time to Take Action Against Rockets

MK Haim Yellin accuses PM Netanyahu of worrying about his political future instead of the residents of the south.

Elad Benari ,

MK Haim Yellin
MK Haim Yellin
Isaac Harari/Flash 90

It is time for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to take action against the rocket fire from Gaza, MK Haim Yellin (Yesh Atid) said on Thursday evening, following yet another rocket attack.

"Color red" rocket sirens were sounded in the southern coastal city of Ashkelon, as well as throughout the Ashkelon Coast regional council, on Thursday evening. At least one rocket was identified as having been fired from Gaza, but IDF officials said it exploded inside Gaza.

Despite the facts that no rockets were found in Israeli territory, thousands of Israelis once again were forced to spend time in bomb shelters.

"The Israeli government is not preventing the problem, but is too busy managing the rocket fire from Gaza and worrying about political survival,” Yellin, a resident of the Gaza Belt, charged.

“Netanyahu enough! It's time to stop worrying solely about your future political - keep your promise and take care of the security of the residents of the south, our lives are not worthless,” he continued. “The final accord to the end of an armed conflict must be a regional agreement, including rehabilitation conditioned on the demilitarization of the Gaza Strip.”

Yisrael Beytenu chairman, MK Avigdor Liberman, said following the latest attack, “It does not matter if the attack failed and the rocket exploded in Gaza instead of Ashkelon. As long as the threat continues and normal lives are impossible in the south - the situation is intolerable.”

“What should explode in Gaza are not failed rockets but rather IDF bombs in order to stop this constant threat,” continued Liberman. “And what that means is not to bomb empty sands dunes again but rather plan an attack, one that will put an end the reign of terror in Gaza.

Meanwhile, Tamir Idan, head of the Sdot Negev Regional Council, called on the government to react with force to the attack.

"The recent trickling of rocket fire take the residents of the south back to the same period last year. It is impossible to live a life under constant threat of rocket attacks and there is a growing fear among residents of another escalation this summer,” said Idan.

"We expect the government of Israel to retaliate by force and to clarify unequivocally that we will not agree to be hostages of the terrorist organizations in Gaza," he stressed.

Thursday’s siren, which was sounded just after 10:00 p.m., came just over a week after terrorists in Gaza fired a rocket at Israel last Wednesday.

Members of the Salafist group “Sheikh Amar Hadid Brigades” affiliated with the Islamic State (ISIS) claimed credit for the attack, just days after they claimed a Grad rocket attack on Ashdod.

Hamas contacted Israel after the rocket strike last Wednesday and said the ISIS affiliate had conducted it so as to cause conflict between Israel and Hamas, as an act of revenge after the Salafists and Hamas have been clashing in Gaza.