Video: Scooter Thieves in World's Slowest Getaway?

Two youths from Holon were caught after they stole an elderly couple's mobility scooter. No high speed chase was involved.

Gil Ronen ,

Thieves (Illustration).
Thieves (Illustration).
Miriam Alster, Flash 90

Two youths from Holon were read a prosecutorial statement Wednesday in advance of being charged with stealing an elderly couple's mobility scooter two weeks ago.

A security camera detected the theft, which may set a world record for slowest getaway from a crime scene.

Policeman Itay Sabag reviewed the footage and recognized one of the thieves as a suspect who was already under custody for another incident of car theft. It then turned out that the second thief was also under custody for the same theft.

One of the suspects has admitted stealing another car and installing fake license plates, as well as breaking into two motorcycles and stealing personal effects.

The grateful 89-year-old owner of the scooter, Aryeh Aboudi, said that he uses the scooter to get to the grocery store and the post office, and that it cost him several thousand shekels, second hand.