US Official: Iran Means What it Says About Israel

The “hints” given by Iran about wanting to destroy Israel are the real thing, says former top Pentagon official General Michael Flynn.

Yaakov Levi ,

German, EU and Iranian foreign ministers announce deal (file)
German, EU and Iranian foreign ministers announce deal (file)

The Iranian leadership disingenuously denies it, but the “hints” they give about wanting to destroy Israel are the real thing, former top Pentagon official General Michael Flynn asserted on Wednesday.

Speaking before Congress, the former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) said the deal being worked out between Iran and Western powers “leaves a lot to be desired,” and that there was no doubt Tehran would eventually develop nuclear weapons.

And, he added, there was no doubt that those weapons would be directed against Israel.

Flynn was joining critics from Israel, France, and elsewhere, who have been warning that the deal being built on a set of understandings announced earlier this year by US Secretary of State John Kerry would not enforce supervision of the agreement – in essence, relying on nothing more than Iran's promise that it will not develop nuclear weapons.

With the deadline for the agreement set for the end of June, diplomatic activity surrounding the deal has increased considerably in recent weeks – but just Thursday, France's Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius reiterated that the deal, as it stands, did not have enough teeth.

Israel, too, is very concerned about the brewing deal.

Speaking to the Poltico web site last week, Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz, Israel's point man on the Iran deal, said that “The Iranians are using delay tactics. It seems they want to come close to the deadline without an agreement. There will be no time to close all the loopholes and clarify all the details.”

The delays are part of the Iranian's tactics to “get away” with a deal that will basically allow them to develop nuclear weapons at will, said Flynn.

The Iranians, he said, have demanded advance notice of as much as three weeks before international inspectors will be allowed into nuclear sites – a situation, said Flynn, that will turn proper inspection “into an impossible task.”

Flynn is also against removal of the sanctions against Iran. “Once they are removed they will never be restored,” even if Iran is caught violating whatever agreement is developed, he said.

Iran also means what it says about destroying Israel, Flynn added – and it is not only Israel Iran is after. To defend itself, Saudi Arabia is likely to develop a nuclear program of its own “touching off a dangerous domino effect in the region” which could lead to tragic consequences.