Haredi MK Attacks Secular Education System

Calling vandalism attack on Ra'anana synagogue a result of incitement against haredim, MK Moses insists education system needs overhaul.

Haim Lev ,

MK Moses
MK Moses
Flash 90

United Torah Judaism (UTJ) faction chairman MK Menachem Eliezer Moses ranted against the Israeli education system on Monday, blaming it for the vandalism attack on a synagogue in Ra'anana last week. 

"The whole country is alive and kicking with global displays of anti-Semitism," Moses said, addressing the Knesset plenum. 

"But the question," Moses continued, "is how do we require nations of the world to eradicate anti-Semitism...when at home, here in the Jewish state, intolerable things happen like prying off mezuzahs and the desecration of synagogues."

"A few days ago, a number of youths vandalized a synagogue in Ra'anana. They pried off mezuzahs and destroyed doors and furniture. Is this not a result of severe incitement against the haredi community?"

The vandals are believed to have ripped mezuzahs off the Achvat Re'im Synagogue's doorposts and out of their cases, torn the scrolls in half, and bled the shapes of swastikas and crosses onto them, before pasting the mezuzahs back to the doorposts. 

According to Moses, the blame for the "hate-crime" rests on the Israeli education system. 

"The main question is how the education system raised such bad apples as these, who can do such vile and despicable acts as these, which the nation of Israel suffered during the dark ages." 

"The conclusion is that you must do a thorough overhaul," Moses stressed.