MK Yogev: Work With Hamas, If We Have to

According to MK Moti Yogev (Jewish Home), both Israel and Hamas have a common interest – and they can cooperate on that interest.

Yaakov Levi ,

Rockets fired from Gaza
Rockets fired from Gaza

Over the past several days, the “little by little” attacks from Gaza have started up again, with the usual response by the IDF – targeting rocket firing crews and locations, with the rockets being moved to another location and being fired from there.

According to Hamas, the terrorists carrying out these attacks not part of its organization, but rather members of a rogue terror organization over which it has no control. If that is the case, said MK Moti Yogev (Jewish Home), both Israel and Hamas have a common interest – and they can cooperate on that interest.

“In order to preserve the power of the State of Israel, we can conduct a relationship with Hamas,” Yogev told Arutz Sheva. “We are talking about a temporary relationship in order to fight a common enemy. There is no sin in this.”

The group that has fired rockets at Israel over the past few days calls itself the “Sheikh Amar Hadid Brigades,” and has decried Hamas for both not being “religious” enough, and for failing to continue to attack Israel. In a statement last week, the group said that it will “continue in the way of Jihad against the Jews, the enemies of Allah. No one will stop us from fulfilling our obligation and attacking the Jews.”

Last week, another “rogue” group in Gaza said that it had killed a top Hamas commander. According to the group, which calls itself the Army of the Islamic State, Saber Siam was killed when ISIS operatives placed a bomb on his car, blowing it up with him inside.

Siam was killed, the group said, because he was “a partner in a declared war against religion and against Muslims, working for the heretical government in Gaza.” ISIS warned Hamas to immediately “end its war against religion in Gaza” or “face the consequences.” The group also sent out warnings on social media to Gaza residents to stay away from Hamas offices and buildings, lest they find themselves swept up in attacks against the group.

Despite his willingness to cooperate with Hamas, Yogev is under no illusions; the only way for Israel to achieve peace on its southern border was to retake Gaza. “I believe that the formula of 'disarmament for rebuilding' is a valid one, and I would like to see a true civilian government in Gaza,” said Yogev. “In order to achieve this we must beat back Hamas and all the Gaza terror groups.”