Shaked Stresses: I Won't Be a Rubber Stamp

New Justice Minister may not be able to pass laws curbing High Court's power, but she will be directly involved in search for new A-G.

Cynthia Blank ,

Ayelet Shaked
Ayelet Shaked
Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked (Jewish Home) stressed Thursday morning that she will not be a "rubber stamp" when it comes to the appointment of a new Attorney General. 

"There is a search committee that consists of five members," Shaked explained to Army Radio. "I am personally appointing one of them. The committee should bring two or three other names. It's more than six months away, everything in its time."

"I will not be a rubber stamp," Shaked declared. "It's a role I will bring to the government. I'm sure the candidate I present to the government will be a worthy one, and will of course need to be accepted by the Prime Minister.

The Justice Minister also addressed the Supersession Clause - a bill that would enable the Knesset to override a High Court decision to strike down a law it had legislated - which has faced opposition from fellow coalition partner Kulanu. 

Admitting it would be hard to advance the bill now, Shaked emphasized "there's still a lot that can be done.

"At the moment, it's impossible with the coalition situation, and therefore I won't bring the bill before the Ministerial Committee for Legislation in two weeks," Shaked said, before adding, "I'm not looking for headlines."

During the interview, however, Shaked did respond to questions on her headline-evoking appointment to a senior portfolio, more important even than the portfolio tasked with Jewish Home chairman Naftali Bennett.

"Bennett thought that everyone should be in the office that suits him. He thought he would be a more appropriate education minister, that I'd be justice minister, and Uri [Ariel] would be agriculture minister."

"I don't feel a cold attitude in the office. There is cooperation from everyone in the office. I'm glad to be part of this Ministry, it's a fascinating one. I work in good cooperation with the High Court Preside. We need to manage the justice system."

"Even among law professors and lawyers as well the as the general public, there is a large population that finds its necessary to curb judicial activism, and I intend to act for such," Shaked asserted.