Islamic Jihad Holds Elections - in Israeli Prisons

Organization for 'prisoners' rights' facilitates extension of Islamic Jihad leadership from within.

Dalit Halevi, Tova Dvorin , | updated: 10:55 PM

Islamic Jihad terrorists (file)
Islamic Jihad terrorists (file)
Emad Nassar/Flash 90

Thousands of Palestinian Arabs are serving sentences for terrorism and murders in Israeli prisons - and they have their own organizational framework under the noses of their guards. 

Photographic evidence smuggled from prison in recent years indicates that prisoners are keeping to their terror factions and electing leadership, preparing meals together, and studying together for various university degrees.

After the elections the Hamas leadership in prison, the Mahaja Al-Quds organization, which deals with Palestinian Arab terror prisoner issues, announced that the Central Election Commission of the Islamic Jihad prisoners had completed the preparation of the top leadership election of the prisoners, conducted in three phases.

During the first phase, members for the general board of the Commission were elected; in the second phase, members of the Advisory Council (Shura) were selected; and during the third phase the top 11 members of the Committee were selected.

Released terrorists have revealed on Palestinian Authority (PA) official TV how they enjoyed a life of ease in Israeli prisons. They have also in the past been allowed to pursue a university degree by taking academic courses.