Israelis Asked 'Are Ethiopians Jews?'

2014 video poll, conducted prior to recent riots, shows interesting perspective on how Israelis view the Ethiopian-Jewish community.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Ethiopian Jews in Jerusalem (file)
Ethiopian Jews in Jerusalem (file)
Flash 90

It may not be scientific, but a video showing Israelis responding to the question "Are Ethiopian Jews part of the Jewish people" is certainly intriguing given the recent protests over discrimination towards the community, particularly from the police.

There is no doubt that Ethiopian Jews face some level of racism - a fact graphically highlighted by the shocking footage of an Ethiopian-Jewish soldier being beaten by a policeman, which helped trigger the riots.

But while the poison of racism may exist in some corners, nearly all the Israelis quizzed by Corey Gil-Shuster in September last year - who founded the Ask an Israeli/Ask a Palestinian Project - had the same response...