Likud MK: Cancel Oslo Accords, Build Judea-Samaria

MK Mickey Zohar: Judea-Samaria 'most important area as Jews in a Jewish, democratic state,' hopes for progress in next government.

Hezki Baruch ,

Zohar in Samaria
Zohar in Samaria
Samaria Regional Council

MK Mickey Zohar (Likud) called to ban the Oslo Accords on Friday, after taking a tour of the Samaria region. 

Zohar visited the Ariel area, including the Barkan industrial zone, a winery in Rehelim, the community of Einav, and the hills of Itamar.

Zohar also visited Elon Moreh and Har Kabir, where he met with Benny Katzover, a leader of the Gush Emunim movement; and Har Bracha, where he met with the Deputy chief of the Samaria Regional Council, Yossi Dagan. 

The MK stated at the end of the visit that Likud is duty-bound to protect, and promote the development of, Judea-Samaria. 

"All those who voted for Likud, indicated the desire to protect the land of Israel," Zohar said. "Therefore, I think we should call on the Prime Minister to renew and strengthen the construction in Judea and Samaria."

"The Oslo Accords have exhausted themselves and we have to explain to the international bodies that do not exist for us," he added. 

Yossi Dagan said that continued construction in Judea-Samaria should be on the top of the government's priority list, calling "not for words, but deeds." 

"We will not give up the justified demand for the fundamental development of the land here, proportional to the Jews living here and the space available," he added. 

"I have a real sense that, during this government, it will be possible to settle Judea-Samaria, it will be possible to cancel the hallucinatory Oslo Accords and do for the people of Israel and the Land of Israel and the Torah of Israe one simple action: expanding the number of Jews in Judea and Samaria," Zohar concluded. "This area is the most important to us as Jews in a Jewish and democratic state."