Rabbi Lichtenstein's Widow to Speak at Alon Shvut

The late Rabbi's Aharon Lichtenstein's widow, Rabbanit Tova, will be among the speakers at the event Friday at Alon Shvut South synagogue.

Arutz Sheva ,

Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein ztz"l
Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein ztz"l

A special conference will be held Friday at the synagogue where Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein ztz”l prayed for the past decade. Among the speakers will be the rabbi's widow, Rabbanit Tova, who will speak about him for the first time since he passed away.

The conference will be held Friday at 9:15 a.m. at the synagogue in Alon Shvut South.

Besides Rabbanit Tova Lichtenstein, the late rabbi's son, Rabbi Moshe Lichtenstein, one of the heads of the Har Etzion Yeshiva, and Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Rimon Rabbi of Alon Shvut South, will speak. Rabbi Rimon was a student of Rabbi Lichtenstein's for thirty years.

"Rabbi Lichtenstein was one of the greatest men of his generation,” said Rabbi Rimon Thursday. “And how do you know who is the great one in his generation? First of all, the person who has mastered the entire Torah, and this was undoubtedly true of Rabbi Lichtenstein ztz"l.

Rabbi Rimon said that he intended to be doctor, but Rabbi Lichtenstein convinced him otherwise. "The rabbi spoke of the medical profession and how important it is, and how much kindness one can perform as a doctor, but finally told me that my calling is to continue with Torah and education, and thanks to his guidance, this is the track I am on today."

The conference's organizers say they chose to hold it before thirty days had passed since the death of the rabbi, because there is “a great thirst in the public to hear more and get to know the legacy of the rabbi,” and add that many people from all over Israel have indicated that they intend to take part.