Melton Center Opens Long-Distance Jewish Ed. MA

Melton Center at Jerusalem's Hebrew University announces new distance learning MA In Jewish Education.

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Melton Centre in Hebrew University in Jerusalem Announces Distance Learning M.A. In Jewish Education

The Melton Centre of Jewish Education from the prestigious Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel’s top ranking college, has announced a new distance learning Masters degree track. Taught entirely in English, the program offers students from around the world the chance to earn a master’s degree in Jewish education in just one year of study with a 6-week semester in Jerusalem.

The distance learning M.A. is the latest offering of Melton Centre in Jewish Education, the world’s leading institution for Jewish education. Now the Melton Centre is providing international students with the opportunity for a comprehensive advanced degree, anywhere in the world.

Tailored to the needs of educators, the program allows candidates to integrate existing commitments with their degree studies without needing to relocate or interrupt their teaching. And since the program is online, participants are free to set their own schedule. Because the program is headquartered in Israel, not only does the degree benefit from the prestige of the world’s finest Jewish education department at the Hebrew University, it also offers tuition far lower than that of programs at comparable institutions in the US.

Along with two semesters of online classwork, the program includes a concentrated on-site summer semester in the Hebrew University campus in Jerusalem. This offers degree candidates the advantages of experiencing Jewish life and education in Israel’s capital without interrupting their own teaching schedules back home. In this arrangement combining the strengths of both distance learning and traditional brick-and-mortar schools, students experience both the face-to-face classwork and research with the Melton Centre as well as the flexible, educator-oriented environment of online study.

Students learn with the leading scholars in the field, benefitting from the knowledge and connections of the world’s top Jewish education faculty. Personal guidance is offered throughout the program to help participants achieve their goals during both the on and off-campus semesters.

Melton Center offers the most academically rigorous Jewish education program available, and is the only such degree recognized by the prestigious Hebrew University. Built with the increasingly diverse needs of contemporary Jewish education in mind, the M.A. track gives students a strong background in both general education areas like: curriculum in Jewish Education, formal and informal education, and leadership in education, as well as a wide range of subjects directly relating to Jewish education including contemporary Jewry, Teaching traditional Jewish texts, Jewish philosophy, and Israel studies.

Professor Jonathan Cohen, Dean of the Melton Centre for Jewish Education explains: “This is the first time we’ve accredited a distance learning study program. Now, Jewish educators all over the world can continue teaching in their home countries, yet still experience studying in Jerusalem.”

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