Dairy Market Gets New, Cheaper Competitor

Grocery chain Supersol launches new brand of cheaper dairy products on Sunday, hoping to reduce amount Israeli families spend on dairy.

Cynthia Blank ,

Dairy products
Dairy products
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Israel will receive a new and cheaper competitor in its expensive dairy market on Sunday. 

Supermarket giant Supersol has launched a new brand of dairy products, Channel Two reported, which will help stimulate competition and likely lead to a lowering of prices. 

"The average Israeli family spends NIS 290 ($75) a month on dairy products," Supersol's Vice President of Marketing and Trade, Uri Kilstein, said, criticizing the high dairy prices in Israel. 

"When you look at Israel compared to other OECD countries, in the world of beverages and in the world of dairy, we are more expensive by 40% to 50%."

Supersol has already stated that its brand of dairy products, produced in farms and dairies in the Golan Heights, will be much cheaper than controlled products already on the market. 

The first phase of products will include milk, chocolate milk, and cream made locally in Israel, as well as imported cheese. Chocolate, yogurt and additional cheeses are expected in the phase. 

The price of Supersol's 3% milk will cost 5.3 shekels, as opposed to the regulated price of 5.9 shekels. Similarly, 1% milk will be cheaper costing 5.4 shekels compared to 6.3. 

Even the yellow cheese sold in Supersol's delicatessens will be cheaper, costing 37.9 shekels, compared with the regulated 45.4 shekels - a 16% reduction in price. 

Competitors should understand, the company asserted, that they are wrong if they think this new line of products and their low prices are for a limited run only.