Plainclothes Cop Shot in Face in Queens

Officer Brian Moore, 25, is in critical condition after being shot in the cheek; suspect is the cousin of a former NY Giants cornerback.

Tova Dvorin ,

NYPD officers
NYPD officers

A plainclothes New York Police Department police officer was shot in the face on Saturday and is in critical condition. 

Officer Brian Moore, 25, and his partner were conducting a patrol run through Queens Village when they spotted a suspect near the corner of 212th St. and 104th Rd, investigators said, with a suspicious object in his waistband. Police confronted the suspect - assuming he had a concealed weapon - at about 6:15 pm local time. 

The man then shot the officers in the face without warning, they added, as the two attempted to question the suspect. At least two rounds were fired into Moore's car, according to the New York Daily News

Moore was shot in the cheek and the back of the head; he was rushed to Jamaica Hospital in critical condition, but reportedly is stable. He underwent surgery late Saturday night and has been placed into a medically-induced coma; the surgery's success will not be determined until at least Sunday night. 

The suspect was later named as Demetrius Blackwell, an ex-convict who served seven years in jail for attempted murder and who has only recently been released. He has been identified as the cousin of former New York Giants cornerback Kory Blackwell. 

Blackwell fled the scene but was captured 90 minutes later outside a neighbor's house.