Police Officer Who Assaulted IDF Soldier SUspended

Police chief announces suspension of officer caught on camera brutally assaulting uniformed soldier trying to return home.

Orli Harari, Ari Yashar ,

The officer assaulting the officer
The officer assaulting the officer

Police Commissioner Yohanan Danino on Tuesday announced that the police officer who was caught on a security camera brutally assaulting an IDF soldier in uniform on Sunday in the coastal city of Holon will be fired from his post.

"The violent officer was immediately suspended, and he will also be fired following a hearing. There's no place for officers like this in the Israeli police," said Danino.

He went on to say, "this is a serious incident by any measure. This is how we will deal with it, this is how we've dealt with violent incidents in the past. I've already said, and I say again every time: we have a very clear path, and whoever doesn't go by it - won't be with us."

According to Danino, incidents such as these are exceptions to the general disciplined conduct of the police, noting such incidents "cause a lot of damage and we won't let that happen."

"There is a sharp drop in the number of violent incidents by officers," he said. "We will continue this trend and won't let this kind of incident stop us in our very clear path which the Israeli police follows."

The police emphasized that the volunteer who was together with the officer, and who also took part in assaulting the soldier, was removed from police service and will not return to it.

In the incident, which occurred in Holon's poverty-stricken Jesse Cohen neighborhood, police closed a street to passersby claiming that a suspicious object was found. The soldier, identified only as D, was trying to return home when he came across the officers who refused to let him pass.

After the soldier continued to request that he be let pass, the officers began to beat him and knocked him to the ground. He was brought in to the police station and put in a cell for "striking officers."