Watch: Arabs Try to Ruin Independence Day

Groups of Arabs attempted to incite confrontation with Israelis celebrating Independence Day in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Sarah Leah Lawent, Cynthia Blank ,

Arab rioter shoots fireworks at police in Jer
Arab rioter shoots fireworks at police in Jer
Sliman Khader/Flash 90

As part of Thursday’s Independence Day celebrations, a group of yeshiva students toured the Jewish Quarter of the Old City in Jerusalem, carrying Israeli flags.

As they walked down the streets, they encountered an outspoken group of Muslim women who  tried to incite a confrontation, yelling at them in Arabic.

The boys, though, maintained their  equanimity, and instead of hurling epithets back at the women, broke into a rousing chorus of “Am Yisrael Chai” (the Nation of Israel Lives”).

Earlier today, a group of Arabs attempted to trigger an incident at the “Chain Gate” near the Temple Mount at the Western Wall, in hopes they could stop the flow of Jews visiting the site.  

They started to brawl with one of the visitors and a policeman, and in the end two of the  Arabs were arrested and taken into custody.

The visits to the Temple Mount continued as scheduled.