Tough Memorial Day for Mother of Adelle Biton

Mother of 4 year-old who died in Feb. after March 2013 car attack left her critically injured says she tries to keep Adelle's memory alive.

Benny Toker , | updated: 4:27 PM

Adele Biton
Adele Biton
Courtesy of the Biton family

Earlier this year, four year-old Adelle Biton died after a long struggle with wounds from being struck directly in the head by a fist-sized rock thrown by Arab terrorists in March 2013 while riding in the family car outside Ariel in Samaria. 

On Wednesday, Israel's Memorial Day for soldiers and terror attack victims, Adelle's mother Adva spoke about her ordeal to Arutz Sheva

"This is not just any day for us; we're in emotional turmoil," Biton said. "We didn't want to join the bereaved families, but we are people who believe in G-d's decisions." 

"Although we wanted to celebrate in gratitude when Adelle came back safe and sound, we received another reality - but we accept it with love," she continued. 

Adva believes Adelle had a big heart. 

"We were blessed with a great spirit, a huge soul who gave great kindness and endless giving," she said. "We saw a wonderful outpouring of support, regardless of gender or religious observance."

Adva added her belief that Adelle brought a "huge amount of love" into the world and that she accomplished much in her short life, bringing the Jewish people closer to redemption, in her words. 

The family visited Adelle's grave, where the children read aloud a poem written for her. 

"We wanted an intimate ceremony with the kids [. . ] to remember the joy of life with her," she said. "We have our oldest, Moriah, who will soon be 11, almost-10 year-old Naama, Avigail, six and a half years old, and seven-month old Ahiya who was born into all of this."

Adva says that the family would prefer to keep the children at home on Memorial Day, so they could have positive memories of Adelle. 

"We wanted to spare them the ceremony on Mount Herzl," she explained. "Unfortunately, during the last two years of her life, Adelle was not with us one hundred percent - they have absorbed a lot of trauma during this period."

"We decided to keep the sweet memories and try as much as possible to perpetuate and revive them," she said. "The good things she did and the great grace."

Despite this, time has not faded the pain, she said - but the family is attempting to make the best of their lives. 

"As we chose to fight for her life, even now that she is not with us, we choose life," Adva said. "G-d has given us wonderful gifts and will continue to give us wonderful gifts."